I Want To Show YOU Exactly How To Get Tons More Referrals And More New Customers For YOUR Pest Control Business.... GUARANTEED!


I'll show YOU a Boatload of Fast, Easy Ways To

Get More New Customers And Grow YOUR Business. 


If that would interest you, then please

Watch the video then read the rest of the letter below!




Imagine this-------What if there was an incredibly simple, easy way to create a steady, in-flowing stream of new people----showing up at your door-----all raising their hands and saying, “We want to do business with YOU!” 


Would that be of interest to you?


If so, please keep reading because I’m about to tell YOU exactly how to make it happen.


But first----- why should you listen to me?  What do I know? 


Good question.


Here’s the answer.


 First of all, I've been in the pest control industry for 36 years I'm  past owner/president of North Fulton Exterminating Co.  in Alpharetta, Ga., and past president of The Georgia Pest Control Association. Now I teach people what I learned.


I grew a 'one-man-with-a-spray can' operation into a million dollar business. I did it working an average of 6 hrs. a day and I never worked on the weekends. I never had a written budget and I can barely read a P&L.  But I can flat out tell you how to get and keep lots of great customers for a really long time.


I will show you how to get lots more referrals and new customers!


Some of my tricks and techniques are so amazingly simple and effective, you will ask yourself, "Now why didn't I think of that?"


My business was growing in double digits during times when the economy was at rock bottom and my competition was fighting hard just to break even. 


And I want to show you exactly how I did it.


As a matter of fact, here's what one of my recent clients had to say:


"This past year we hired Hal Coleman to teach our service professionals a simple strategy for generating leads from total strangers on the street, and additional referrals from our current customers.   Over the next 60 days, using his technique, we generated 300 new sales, which resulted in over $80,000.00 in additional income.  Thanks Hal!”


Greg Vines

Regional Manager

Allgood Pest Solutions



I’m not a manager….. I’m a salesman and a marketer. I can’t tell you how to set up your books and your accounting programs, but I can flat out tell you how to get and keep lots of great customers.                                                                    

 My clients call me “The Networking Ninja” because of my proven system for getting new clients and generating tons of referral business.


(Click on this link and check it out, www.TheNetworkingNinja.com )


Here's what others have to say about me:


"I was having a slow year and decided to advertise in a local community magazine.  Hal Coleman told me 5 things to do to my ad that would cause people to call me.  At first, I thought it was pretty outrageous stuff.  It went totally against what other advertising agents had told me.  But, I listened to Hal and designed my ad according to his instructions.  Well, all I can say is…..I got slammed with so much business I couldn’t handle it all.  We were working 7 days a week for awhile, just from calls coming in from that one ad.  If you listen to Hal and do what he says, you will get more customers. This is not the first time I have used Hal as a consultant, and it has paid off every time!" 


David Garland, President

Garland Services, Inc.

Douglasville, Ga.



Dear Hal,

You may remember that Dena and I attended your seminar last fall.  And, we invited you to our company to do a management session recently. I greatly appreciate your help and your continuing efforts to help us.  Every dollar I have spent on  your advice has been an incredible bargain for us.  And, I have used lots of consultants over the years. 

I will be in touch for future help and advice.


Jeff Annis

Advanced Services, Inc.

Augusta, GA

Martinez, GA

Aiken, SC


After attending Hal’s Networking Ninja Boot Camp seminar, I made one change in the signage on the side of my truck and the new business I got as a result more than paid for the cost of the seminar.  His stuff works.”


Manuel Snipes

President, Azalea City Exterminating

Valdosta, Ga.


“Hal is an incredibly talented speaker and entertainer. His insights into the industry are unique and he has a way of connecting with his audience that not only educates them, but leaves them entertained, motivated and uplifted.  I would highly recommend Hal as a speaker for your next conference or keynoter at your banquet or convention.”


Valera Jessee

Executive Director

The Georgia Pest Control Association




“Hal Coleman will certainly leave your audience quenching for more.  He is a marketing guru.  The strategies and techniques he teaches are so easy to understand and follow. You leave thinking, ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?’  I would highly recommend him as a speaker.  You will laugh a lot and learn a lot at the same time. He is great.”


Chris Wescott

Univar, USA




 “I have heard Hal Coleman speak on several occasions and I would highly recommend him for your next conference or convention.  His knowledge of the industry and his unique, humorous approach add up to a fun and entertaining presentation.  In addition, you will come away with very good information.”


Eunice Hall

Senior Sales Specialist

Dow AgroSciences




Hal delivered an outstanding keynote speech that far exceeded our expectations.  Everyone raved about his wit, humor, and down-to-earth presentation style.  Hal kept the audience fully engaged and his message was very thought provoking.  We feel confident that his practical insights will add great value to what we do.”


Craig Goodwin

Director, Learning Solutions, Technical

Rollins, Inc.




"If you’re tired of the same ole stuff and want to be educated, inspired, uplifted and entertained at the same time, you need to talk to your association and get them to book Hal Coleman for your next conference.  Your people will not only thank you, but they will insist that you bring him back again!"


"Hal is funny, talented and GUARANTEED to entertain and educate your audience. Nobody falls asleep when Hal Coleman is on stage. This guy is a great speaker!"


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How To Walk Into A Room Filled With People You Don’t Know And, One-By-One, Turn Total Strangers Into Lifetime Referral Partners!  1 hr.  (a step-by-step instruction on how to go out and work a room successfully and get referrals!)

How To Train Your Subconscious Mind To Deliver All The Health, Wealth and Happiness You Deserve! 1 hr.  (a humorous look at the subconscious mind and this one will change the way you think about things for the rest of your life!) My most popular seminar.

How To Use An Ugly One-Page Newsletter To Get More New Clients, Generate More Cash Flow and  Make More Money…Guaranteed! 2 hrs. (learn how to send out a simple little one page tri-folded newsletter and get your customers to respond and buy your service and give you referrals!)

10 Proven Strategies GUARANTEED to Get YOU More Referrals From Your Community Networking Efforts.  1 hr. (concepts and strategies that you must know and understand in order to get more effective results from your community networking efforts)

Sell More Jobs – How To Sell 30-60% More Jobs Or Services Without Getting Any Additional Leads!  1 hr.  (Learn how to get the prospect to say ‘YES’ before you ever even do your inspection!)


"Hal is an outstanding, captivating speaker who dishes out killer networking strategies and effective marketing techniques so fast that you will wear yourself out just trying to keep up.  And it’s all great stuff!"


I am always willing to put my money and reputation on the line with my Bold, Iron-Clad, No Risk, No Bull Money Back Guarantee. 

Hal’s Personal Guarantee:


“If you hire me to speak at your conference, present a seminar at your office, or consult with you on an hourly basis, and, at the end of the day your are not 100% Satisfied that you got your money’s worth and a whole lot more, I will promptly and politely refund the entire cost of the session.......period!"          Hal Coleman

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